Friday, December 17, 2010

WooHoo!!! Finished book #2

Well, I have finished the book Codes and Ciphers. I am glad I did because it was really interesting and the last chapters covered the criminal use of codes and they also talked about when the codes were not followed and how it cost a lot of resources.  The very last chapter talks about the Pioneer 10 and the codes on board the "ship" which was coincidental because on the news a couple of days ago, they mentioned that the Pioneer 10 spacecraft just passed out of the heliosphere, which is the area, where the sun loses its influence on objects.

I am now, restarting the book Out There.  I hope it won't take as long the second time around :-) It too was interesting what I read.  But now, that I have more time, yeah snow days, it think the story will be more intriguing.

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