Monday, August 22, 2011

Elmwood WIsconsin

These chapter talks about the UFO encounters that occured in Elmwood Wisconsin.  Some were not very freindly and gave pause to fact that most people assume that alien enounters are friendly.  They may not be.  It also documents on man's obsession about creating a landing strip for the aliens to come and land in Wisconsin and what a boon it would be to the economy of the town,
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

...back to our regularly scheduled program

Chapter 22 begins with a man and his dream. In this chapter Tom Webber has a dream about the people of Elmwood not welcoming the alien visitors that seem to be arriving at that town.  In the next chapter he goes to visit the mayor.
He does mention electromagnetism and I have always thought that the reason ufo are always seen near trailer parks is because of the metal. All that metal must give off a large signal and of course to add some more weirdness. Stonehenge is said to have been built where a whole bunch of electromagnetic lines converge.  Pretty cool huh?