Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chapter 6

This chapter told about the CIA's report  The Investigation of UFOs and how there seemed to be in the early years a dichotomy of information given out. Classified information said one thing and those for viewing said another. Basically that the Air Force publicly had everything under control and explaned. However, they also were concerned that the objects may be a danger to national security.
It mentions Project Blue Book where the Air Force investigated over 13,000 cases abd had different groups look at the different types of "evidence". One thing was that photographs were sent to Eastman Kodak Company. That is where my father worked :-) I am sure that they sent them to the headquarters in Rochester, NY and Dad did not work on anything but the connection is neat.
On to Chapter 7!! Shouldn't be long now... there are only 39 chapters total.

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