Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7 talked about projects Moon Dust and Blue Fly. However, these were scrapped because no UFO were recovered. I always wonder if the UFO that people see are really just new aircraft that other countries have made, esp. in the 1960's, that the USA didn't know about yet.

Chapter 8 discussed how General Pfautz was very animated in talking to the UFO working group about how the US would benefit from alien technology. Then Colonel Phillips said that the information was compartmented and that Compartmented Information was a classification higher that Top Secret.  Of course if that is true, how does the author know about it?
The author and general have an arguement where the general thinks the author told the head honchos that he mentioned the working group and 1983. The author says that he never told anyone that the general mentioned the group because the general didn't.  Such drama queens.

Chapter 9 will start part III- the order of the dolphin.  I remember reading a little bit about that the last time i tried to finish this book.

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