Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 14

In Chapter 14, I learned that Carl Sagan was a member of the Order of the Dolphin. Pretty Cool huh. They got  their name, allegedly, because one of the scientists noted the fact that dolphins were highly intelligent beings here on Earth and we can't communicate with them. Therefore, should we be able to communicated with more advanced beings?

It also mentions the Drake Equation which is N=R* x Fp x Ne x Fl x Fi x Fc xL
N is the number of technologically advanced civilazations.
R* is the rate of star formation
Fp is the faction of starts with planets
Ne is how many planets orbits the stars have an environment for life

I enjoyed the last paragraph because it put into perspective about how precious life is. Just one or two degrees of difference in the Earth's rotation and we would never have developed.

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