Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phew! It all works out (kinda)

Well, leave it to Carl Sagan to smooth things over.  It seems that both he and Senator Proxmire were both worried about nuclear technology. Carl brought up the L in Drakes equation and the senator realized that if there is an advanced civilization, that they have survived without blowing each other up and that maybe we could learn from them.

While reading this I recalled a book that mentioned how Jane Goodall would talk to people about their viewpoints and see  how she could help them meet their concerns without harming animals.  Blessed are the Peacemakers :-)

Chapters 18 discusses about how alot of the people on the SETI project, now that it was funded, were technologically advanced but didn't really have the passion. Basically they were engineers trying to solve interesting problems, not that they believed in the extraterrestrial being.

I also thought that this entire book talks about how we were looking for aliens.  However, I haven't heard anything about what we are doing to contact them. Are we sending signals as well? I hope that it least mentions this in the book at a later point.  Of course their was a section in Codes and Ciphers about this as well.

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