Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chapter 15

This chapter begins with defining some of the rest of the terms of Drake's Equation
Fl= the planets that develop life
Fi=planets that have intelligent life

It points out that man is not the ONLY intelligent life on this planet
It also mentions that pressure is good, kind of like the Nike commercial :-) If organisms don't feel the pressure of predators or lack of food, they never have a reason to evolve into something else.

Fc= planet with life that have the ability and desire to communicate.
They use the examples that creatures may have the desire to communicate and are intelligent like dolphins, but can't build a radio telescopes, because they may not biologically be able to (i.e. flippers) Then again, who know how long and far a dolphins clicks can be heard?

L= how long the civilization capable of intersellar communication last

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